All about me - Derek Impey

A bit about me

I have had a passion for photography ever since I was a  boy. I remember being given my first Polaroid camera and happily snapping away for hours on end. Wherever I am, I have my camera with me. I am constantly looking at different ways to capture that 'moment'. Having children of my own,  I have been able to pass this passion on to them and it's also given me the skills to work with families, kids, toddlers and babies.

I get asked to cover all sorts of occasions, from commercial events to weddings, parties, family portraits and baby shoots. I have recently ventured into event photography with on site printing and have covered a number of events from formal dress parties, children's clubs/groups and sporting events. 

As often as I can I like to keep an informal relaxed atmosphere, I like to take a bit of time getting to know what clients are looking for.

I believe its important that my shoots capture a clients personality. The best results come when you can capture the client as naturally as possible. 

Working from my studio, at the clients home or out in the open, I'm always ready for my next project.....

So if you have an enquiry drop me a line

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